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Friday, January 7, 2011

Reading our US Constitution

Reading our US Constitution

What a difference a majority in the House of Representatives makes.    In the new 112th Congress, with newly elected Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), the people's house decided to read the sacred trust document that is the foundation of the American government.    Sounds a pretty good idea.    Except if you are the New York Times, or one of the many Democrat members who skipped the reading.

From American Thinker    by Michael Filozof

The fact is that the Democratic Party and the political Left in this country use the Constitution as nothing less than an instrument of pure demagoguery. When it suits them to cite it, they do; when it suits them to ignore it, they do; and when neither alternative suits them, they invent phrases out of whole cloth (e.g., "separation of church and state," "jury of one's peers," "freedom of expression," "right to privacy") that exist nowhere in the Constitution and invest these phrases with constitutional authority.

The reading of the Constitution on the House floor is neither a stunt nor a political trick. The Constitution is nothing less than the "supreme Law of the Land." Its purpose, as Madison wrote in Federalist #51, is to "oblige [the government] to control itself."

The great question of our time is this: will the public demand that government adhere to the Constitution and "control itself," or will the public not give a damn what the Constitution says as long as government provides bread and circuses?

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