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Monday, April 23, 2012

MainStreamMedia gets one Right!

It is not often that the Main Stream Media (MSM) gets a story right.   Don Lemon, a Cable News Network (CNN) reporter on Monday April 23rd delivered an excellent "No Talking Points" monolog.
Watch it here:

In the story on CNN, normally a cable news network that acts as a spokesperson(s) network for President Obama, Mr. Lemon actually pulls together the "name & blame" approach taken by the White House and lays the issue on the line (to the President).    Essentially, quit blaming the former President (Bush) for issues that have occurred on your watch, Mr. President (Obama).    What a novel concept:   accountability!

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Senate Democrats AWOL on Budget

US Senate Democrats, who serve (skip) on the Senate Budget committee, have coordinated with the Democrat leader Harry Ried (D-Nevada) to take NO action on a budget mark-up for the last 3 years.   No action, no budget no show.   This image from Hot Air  and C-SPAN clip say it all.

US Senator Sessions (R-Alabama) indicates that he'd actually mark up a budget and get it passed, if the voters give the Republicans the opportunity to do their job.

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