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Monday, August 13, 2012

Sharpening the Pencils & the Debate (VP Ryan)

The selection of Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as the Vice Presidential candidate by GOP nominee Mitt Romney changes the Presidential campaign.  While the VP nominee is rarely is a game changer in an election for President, this time around may be different.    To date, the Presidential race has lacked the real debate on the issues facing America:  the US economy, lack of jobs (8%+ unemployment), entitlement reform, limited government and the role of the private sector.    And the campaign debate has failed to address the signature legislative "cram down" by the Obama administration and the government-minded Democrats:  the proposed repeal of ObamaCare by a Mitt Romney administration.
     As the VP candidate, Ryan adds intellectual acumen, budget expertise, youth and the ability to carry the conservative message without apology.   Take the time to pull up some YouTube video clips of Mr. Ryan in action.   Or watch the time that Representative Ryan sliced and diced ObamaCare in his exchange with the President at the joint legislative & executive branch meeting at the White House.   Obama was unable to counter or respond.
     As the Republican Presidential candidate, Romney has changed the subject to the real issues and the "boys from Chicago" will be unable to keep changing the subject away from the obvious.   This President and his liberal expanding of the federal government has failed the American people.   The debate about the true future of limited government vs. unlimited government for the United States now begins in earnest.

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