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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NM Roundhouse in Session in Santa Fe

In New Mexico, the citizen legislature meets for 30 day and 60 day sessions.     With 70 House members and 42 State Senators, the annual legislative session in Santa Fe is filled with pomp, circumstance, endless meetings, morning and evening events and plenty of deal making.    Over the past several years, the State Senate leadership has maintained a more conservative and thoughtful approach, while the House has seen it's share of debate.   For details on the NM legislature:     

And the cutting edge blog that is on top of what is happening in Santa Fe is Joe Monahan's political blog that follows the ins and out of politics in New Mexico.    While I'd disagree with his recent criticism of Farmington's own Representative Tom Taylor (whose is the House Minority Leader), Joe is pretty well connected with his sources in the state and has a bead on the breaking stories.

Since the session just started in mid January, they'll be plenty of entertainment over the next 50 more days, with the first female GOP Hispanic governor in the United States (Susana Martinez), a weakened Democrat Speaker of House (the Dems lost 8 seats to the GOP, but kept a slim majority in the Chamber), and the State Senate (which has been the stabilizing influence in Santa Fe during the crazy and corrupt days of Big Bill).

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