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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day 2010

Election Day 2010

In the United States, we still are able to vote on a regular basis as a self governed people.    Today, American across the country will finish voting for candidates seeking to serve the people at the local, state and Federal level.   In most states, early voting is allowed, which means the voting process has been going on for 2 to 3 weeks, with the final window to vote occurring today, Tuesday November 2nd.
            In Colorado and New Mexico, there are competitive races up and down the ballot.   Some of the more interesting to watch:   The 3 way race for Governor of Colorado has the Democrat Mayor of Denver (Hickenlooper) trying to hold off a surging third party bid by a former Republican Congressman (Tancredo), while a the Republican nominee (newcomer Maes) has sunk to single digits in polling.  In northern New Mexico, a conservative Tea Party Republican (Tom Mullins) is challenging a well known Hispanic family dynasty (Lujan) for the 3rd Congressional seat.  Scott Tipton is positioned to win his Republican bid for the 3rd Congressional seat in Colorado, a likely upset win over incumbent Democrat John Salazar.
In Durango, long time conservative rancher JPaul Brown is running a decent campaign against newcomer Democrat and professional environmentalist (O’Donnell) for the 59th state legislative seat.   And well respected state Representative Ellen Roberts is challenging the appointed state Senate Democrat Bruce Whitehead for the 6th Senate District in southwestern Colorado.   Other races of note are La Plata County Commissioner, where my friend Bobby Lieb should out distance a Democrat and independent to win a seat on the Commission.  And in San Juan County, NM, the popular Margaret McDaniel is running a strong campaign for County Commissioner in an historically Navajo dominated district.   Her chances are better that 50-50% that she could win over the Democrat.
            The new governor of New Mexico is likely to be Susana  Martinez, a conservative Republican from southern New Mexico, who has run a successful campaign against the NM Democratic machine.    All three Congressional seats in New Mexico are competitive, with Republican pick-ups likely in 2 of the 3 races.
            At the national level,  the voters are fed up with big government, runaway spending and Obamacare.    Essentially, the Congressional races are a referendum on Obama, Pelosi and Ried and their Democrat policies that have not been working.   With the economy stuck in the mud due to poor public and tax policy, the voters are throwing the bums out and giving the Republicans another chance.    But with the volatile political climate of the past several years as a backdrop, whoever is governing better get it right, or they too will be voted out of office next time around.
            So today is your final day to vote.   Make it count!

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