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Thursday, October 29, 2009

1,900 Pages of Health Care Bureaucracy

In a ceremony at the US Capitol by Speaker Pelosi, that could only be attended by those on the invited guest list, the Democrats unveiled 1,990 pages of legislation intended by the Majority in the Congress to lead to a government take over of health care.     The public option is government healthcare.   Away with private insurance, and private "pay as you go" healthcare with options and welcome to Medicare and Medicaid on steroids.

What is the option?    The Republicans, who have been systematically denied access to the closed door Democrat negotiations among the Pelosi lead Congress, have some ideas.  
And Minority Leader Boehner (with a video clip) on the 1,900 page health care bill.

The health care bill debate goes to the floor on the Congress.     And the American people should very afraid of the government plans to reduce present program (cost cutting), increase premiums (more coverage to more folks with less money to pay), expand coverage (anyone, including non-residents) and increased government controls (under the guise of streamlining the system).     Let's see what other government success stories we have?    The Post Office?  Nope.   The GSE's (Fanny Mae or Freddie Mac)?  Nope, they went broke.   What about Indian Health Care?  Nope, it is not working very well.   What about Amtrack?   Nope, keeps losing money, even with increased subsidies.

So now the Democrats in Congress want to take over healthcare in the US?     Now is the time for the American people to say:  No, not this time.  

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