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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tom Mullins for Congress

Tom Mullins for Congress

On Saturday, October 17th, Tom Mullins announced his intention to run as a Republican candidate for the 3rd Congressional district in New Mexico.    He is challenging the freshman Democrat Congressman, Ben Ray Lujan, Jr, son of the current NM Speaker of the House, Ben Lujan.    Tom Mullins is a graduate of Colorado Schools of Mines and he is a registered professional engineer, who resides and works in Farmington, NM.    Mr. Mullins has served as the past president of the Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico (IPANM), and he is an owner in Synergy Operating, LLC and his professional consulting practice Mullins Energy, Inc.    

According to recent press reports, the 40-year-old Mullins announced in Santa Fe, NM (introduced by Representative Tom Taylor, R-Farmington) and he will also announce on Sunday night October 18th in Farmington, NM.  

Bloggers note: I have personally known Tom for the past 8 years, and I have found Tom to be one of most well read, well educated and hard working people that I’ve met here in New Mexico.    His ability to understand issues, work with other people and get things done will serve the citizens in New Mexico well, when he is elected to Congress. 

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