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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ellen Roberts-6th Senate Colorado

The August primary is over, and the winner is Republican candidate Ellen Roberts (R-Durango), who has served as our GOP state Representative for the 59th District.  We are fortunate to have a strong and experienced candidate like Ellen to running for the 6th Senate District.    She is facing the “appointed official” Bruce Whitehead, a newcomer to the State Senate, who has not faced an election in his short political career.     While Ellen has successfully prevailed in 3 general elections and one contested Republican primary, Mr. Whitehead is facing the voters for the first time.

Some quick history about the 6th Senate in Colorado: It is a geographically large and politically diverse.   The seat has been held by Republicans and Democrats.    From Telluride & Silverton (which vote 2 to 1 Democrat) to Montrose, Montezuma and Archuleta County (which vote Republican) and to Durango/La Plata County (which is now voting 60% Dem/40% Rep in 2008), it takes a well-rounded and hard working Republican nominee to win the 6th District.    In my opinion, with our dedicated help, Ellen can win this race.

Our voter registration for the 6th District, among “Active” voters:

30,589 Republican            23,124 Unaffiliated  (can’t vote ‘til General)        22,486 Democrat

So we have 77, 877 active voters, but it is likely only about 45,000 (or so) will vote.  In the 2006 Colorado 6th Senate race, about 50,000 people voted.

We’ll see Ellen on the campaign trail as she launches her General election campaign after a successful primary election, in which she prevailed with over 53.4% of votes cast by Republicans.   

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