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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama is Elected President

Obama is Elected President

In an historic US election, Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States.  After a long campaign, with many surprises, twists and turns, Senator Obama overcame and defeated the GOP Senator from Arizona, John McCain.   The American hero and Republican nominee gave a gracious and honorable concession speech, flanked by his wife Cindy and VP nominee Governor Sarah Palin (and her husband).  An historic campaign based on the first US President of African American descent, an unprecedented $1 billion dollars spent (combined) by the Dems and GOP and the lack of media scrutiny of Obama by the Legacy Media.     With a background of 2 unpopular wars, an economy in turmoil and a weakened 2nd term President, combined with a sharp, disciplined and focused campaign by Barack Obama, the new President Elect earned an impressive Electoral College victory.

So on Election night, President Obama is to be congratulated.  Barack ran a well organized, well financed and well disciplined campaign.  And his ability as a Presidential candidate is unmatched in the modern era.

As to how will a President Obama govern, is a large and unanswered question.   The conservative assessment of a left leaning Democrat President will wait for tomorrow.

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