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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Final Electoral College Predictions

The Final Electoral College Predictions

Today is the day.    The Legacy Media has moved from a watchdog role in public affairs and elections to an Obama advocacy role.    The Legacy Media has waived off serious questions about the Democrat candidate, and according to the predictors of the US Electoral College, Senator Obama is poised to become President-Elect Obama.  Does the Republican candidate John McCain have a chance to win?  According the pundits, pollsters and Legacy Media it is over.   The left leaning Legacy Media, in their advocacy role, is heading to Grant Park in Chicago for the coronation event for their new leader, Barack Obama.   How far to the left will America go politically?   That will be the big question.   It will remained unanswered until the American people realize that Change We Can Believe In is more of the same liberal tax and spend approach to government.   Is a Harry Truman upset in the works?  It will depend on Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania.   However, the odds for a McCain victory are slim at this point.  The pollsters will be left with their final prediction, as the American voters will decide the final outcome.

The Electoral College predictions range from a close Obama victory to a landslide victory.   The overall vote totals ranges from the margin of error (+/- 3%) to a 10% margin for Obama over McCain.  Here is the line up of web sites and their 2008 predictions:     Obama=311, McCain=174, Toss-Up=53  Obama=291, McCain=247   Obama=338, McCain=200   Obama=338, McCain=200   Obama=353, McCain=174, Toss=11   Obama=346.5, McCain=191.5

From the polling research on Election 2008, the Democrat candidate Barack Obama is predicted to win all of the Blue states from 2004 and he is poised to compete in a number of Red states such as Virginia, Colorado, Ohio, Florida, Nevada and North Carolina.

         On the US Senate side of the political races, it is likely that the Republicans may loose six to eight seats to the Democrats.    Now we have 49 Dems, 49 GOP and 2 Independents as members in the US Senate.   At the end of the Election 2008, it is likely to be 56 Dems, 42 GOP and 2 Independents.     However the 2 Independents (Sanders and Lieberman) usually vote with the Democrats.       However, if the GOP does even worse in the US Senate, and Republicans loose their ability to filibuster the Democrat majority, there will be no boundaries for a liberal, left leaning Congress and likely Democrat President. 

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