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Monday, October 8, 2012

Romney Schools Obama

Romney Schools Obama

It was time to call the debate for Romney before it was halfway done.  A weak President and poorly prepared Barack Obama was unable to hold his own with challenger Mitt Romney in their first debate.  For the first time in four years, the President was actually challenged and called on the carpet for his failed policies and inept attempts to explain away Obama-ville.  The Main Stream Media (MSM) pass and Obama’s fear to give and take press conferences created the White House cocoon effect.  Simply put, the President wasn’t ready for a prime time debate with a worth opponent. So exactly what happened in the first of three Presidential debates?

            Barack Obama was faced with five factors that he either underestimated or misunderstood.   First, there we no teleprompters to convey the answers or script to the President.   He actually had to think and respond for himself.   And he struggled with his responses.  Secondly, there were no friendly members of the press to lob softball questions or cover for his weak answers.    This wasn’t The View, where Obama characterized himself as “eye candy”.    This was live fire; with Jim Lehrer delivering questions and follow up with true journalistic rigor.  Thirdly, the President was not prepared for spirited debate and was unable to defend his failed policies.    When he tried for the third time to pin a $5 trillion dollar “supposed” tax cut on Mitt Romney, the GOP challenger restated that the Obama spin was simply not true.  The fourth factor was that the President was unable to “walk out of the press conference” when the heat was turned up with the hard questions from the moderator.   He had to stay at the podium during the Presidential debate for a long hour and a half.   Finally, the President had to face reality, as compared to the mythical life and “media created” narrative that he has lived for the past four years.   Your actions and decisions as President do matter.   The US economy really isn’t firing on all cylinders.    Truth is brighter than lies.  And Barack Obama was exposed by the reality of prepared opponent in Mitt Romney that didn’t back down. 

            Meanwhile, Mitt Romney came to the first debate well prepared.    And he well schooled in the policy debate that is before the America people.   He laid out his 5-point plan with clarity.   He challenged the President on every point, indicating his approach that is more citizen and private sector driven.    He was able to pin “trickle down government” on the President, whose every answer involved the government spending more money (investments) or paying more of our fair share (raising taxes).   When the President tried the “big oil” tax break spin, Romney fired back with Obama’s history of committing multiple millions of US government monies spent on “green companies” that have failed in the marketplace.  When the President tried to classify Donald Trump as a small business person, Romney correctly explained what raising taxes on the “rich” actually negatively impacts many small business owners as well.  A weak President attempting to use campaign and class warfare rhetoric was exposed.  Mr. Romney was direct, concise and well organized in his responses to questions and he successfully challenged the President.   He looked the audience and the President in the eye.   All that Obama could do was shuffle his feet, look down at his notes, and wish that the debate was over.  

            Many commentaries have been written about the first debate, and it is clear that this was one of Romney’s finest moments in contrast with a fading Barack Obama.  The Democrat spin machine struggled for traction, as Al Gore blamed the poor debate performance the “altitude” in Denver.  Really?   What would have happened if the debate was in Aspen, Colorado?  Or Telluride, CO?  The president would have passed out!  The New York Times (never a fan of someone from Chicago, as compared to Hillary Clinton who hails as the Senator from New York) is running the “empty podium and chair” cartoon on their front cover.  It shows Romney debating the empty chair, or empty suit as some have indicated.  Essentially, Romney schooled Obama in the first debate.

            Well-known conservative columnist Victor Davis Hansen summarized the debate this way:    Debate number two is fast approaching.    Romney will be well prepared.   Who knows if Obama will show up?

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