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Monday, August 15, 2011

Rick Perry Enters the Presidential Race

It's official:  Rick Perry, the Republican Governor of Texas has entered the 2012 Presidential race.  Over the weekend, from a starting point in South Carolina, the popular Texas governor burst upon the national stage.    Following his announcement, Governor Perry traveled to New Hampshire and then to Iowa to meet voters in the heartland.

Here is his interview with Fox News

With President Obama's poll numbers sliding below the 40% level, and (according to Rassmussen Reports) his negative spread is -22.       So with the Republican field flexing it's muscle, and the loyal opposition (the GOP is surging) taking on the Main Stream Media (MSM) and the Democrat in the White House, Governor Perry's entrance into the competitive field make it that much more interesting.

For more on Rassmussen Reports:

Take some time to check out each GOP candidate for President.  And contrast their message for American with the worn out liberal approach being taken by President Obama.     Too bad we can't move the general election up to November 2011!

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