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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boehner: Put Something on the Table!

 In a speech of support before his fellow members of the US House of Representatives, Speaker of the House John Boehner laid out his case for "Cut, Cap & Balance".     The President and majority of the US Senates (aka, Democrats) have yet to lay out a plan to go forward, and the US Senate has not passed a Federal budget in 800 days (while the Democrats have been in the majority).   As the Speaker said on Friday night:  "Put something on the table!"  

"I can tell you that I have worked with the President and the administration since the beginning of this year to avoid being in this spot. I have offered ideas. I've negotiated. Not one time, not one time did the administration ever put any plan on the table. All they would do was criticize what I put out there. I stuck my neck out a mile to try to get an agreement with the President of the United States. I stuck my neck out a mile and I put revenues on the table in order to try to come to an agreement to avert us being where we are. But a lot of people in this town can never say yes. A lot of people can never say yes. This House has acted and it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle put something on the table!" Speaker John Boehner said on the House floor late Friday afternoon (7.29.11, US House of Representatives, during the US debt ceiling debate).

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