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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Current Events and Newsmaker on Video

Do You Want to Watch a Current Political Video?

In this day of sound bites, 30 second spots, talking points, spin and Twitter, we often miss the full context of statements by an elected politician, an appointed official or even the President of the United States (POTUS).   Rather than trying to understand political decisions and what is happening from bits and pieces, you can click through to the Video sections of some key web sites and actually watch the full press coverage, or interview or debate that you are interested in.    Politico, YouTube, RealClear Politics all have video and multimedia resources to watch and allow you to receive a full context on news, newsmakers, politicians and elected officials.  from Real Clear Politics

 For years, we have just waited for the mainstream media (MSM) to pull together sound bites from newsmakers with commentary from news anchors to “see and hear” the news.    Or wait a day or two before the local newspaper prints the story or news article.   In fact, a 30 minute MSM news program, such as ABC, NBC or CBS, consists of about 12 minutes of news and 18 minutes of commercials.    On-line, you’ll see some 15 seconds ad clips, but mostly you can just watch the full context of what is going on, whether it is a speech, interview or debate.   In 2010, you can watch and see the newsmaker without commentary, political spin or editing.   And you can make up your own mind.

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