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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Governor Christie Unleashed

Governor Christie Unleashed

Finally, a governor, willing to be frank, and funny with firm conviction plus a tone of authority.    The mainstream media is being welcomed to the new politics, along the lines of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.    The reporter asked a question designed to trap the governor.   Governor Christie didn’t take the bait.  Instead he went after the reporter in a way that left the voters cheering.  And the folks in the room actually laughing.

It's true: Political media often focus on process and personality over policy, treating substantive and complicated issues as though they were political theater. So when a New Jersey reporter asked Republican Governor Chris Christie about his "confrontational tone," Christie unleashed a tirade on behalf of an entire nation tired of those media habits. The bipartisan consensus is that Christie's blunt response was, to put it simply, awesome.
Max Fisher The Atlantic Wire  

Compare this to the President, who hasn’t had a give and take news conference since July 2009.    Instead of the rough and tumble approach taken by the present Governor of New Jersey, Mr. Smooth uses a teleprompter to stay on the sanitized message.     One problem: Mr. Obama is getting less believable by the day.  The American people are asking: What does President Obama really think?   Can he actually answer a blunt and challenging question from the White House press corp?
The President may want some lessons in public candor from Governor Christie.

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