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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ellen Roberts for State Senate

Ellen Roberts for State Senate

Campaign season is in full swing in Colorado.   On Saturday April 17th

Good morning Republicans!  I’m Jasper Welch, a delegate from La Plata County.    This morning I’m honored to place in nomination my friend & fellow Republican Ellen Roberts for the 6th Senate District.    In my 30 years of civic involvement, we have the opportunity to nominate the best-prepared candidate for state Senate.

Ellen is experienced, independent and she has the right temperament to be our next state Senator.    Simply put:  She is the right person for the job… and here’s why:

Ellen has the experience….
… in construction…health services…a successful law practice and her community involvement, Ellen knows the District, the people and the issues we face in Colorado.     We know her…and she knows us.    No need for on the job training, but rather she is well prepared to represent us.  Ellen understands southwestern Colorado…she is one of us.

Ellen has the electability
…as our 59th House representative, Ellen has met the challenge of a Colorado legislative campaign.   Her Democrat opponent has been a government employee that was appointed as a placeholder in the State Senate seat.  That won’t last.  Ellen knows that an appointed Democrat must stand for his first election.  She is ready and willing to campaign.  And with your help, and the help of voters throughout the 6th District, she’ll be our next elected (not appointed) State Senator.

Ellen is an independent thinker….
She really listens to all sides of the issues, and as a Republican, she knows how we approach the issues.  From my experience, she is independently mined, and doesn’t fit the mold and I admire that.    So the question is not, is she “conservative” or “moderate” or “whatever” enough.   But rather, does our Republican nominee have the independent judgment and understanding of limited government and fiscal responsibility to be a leader in the state Senate?   Ellen wants to know what you think and how best to represent your diverse interests at the state Capital.

Ellen has the unique ability to really listen, to really do her homework, and fight for our Republican principles.  It takes sound judgment and a steady temperament to be a state Senator.     I have personally known and worked with former Republican Senators Dan Noble and Bob DeNier.  We miss them.  They served southwestern Colorado well.   As fellow Coloradans, they had the experience, the electability, the independence and the temperament to serve.   I believe that Ellen will follow in their footsteps.

In remarks to delegates to  a Republican assembly in 1982, Ronald Reagan said:  “When the chips are down and the decisions are made as to who the candidates will be, then the 11th commandment prevails and everybody goes to work. His guidance?  Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.”   

In the heat of party politics and nomination assemblies, with e-mails and political labels flying around, it is easy to lose site of the real goal: that is sending the appointed Democrat Senate back home, and electing a Republican to the 6th Senate seat.   It is with these things in mind, that I proudly place the name of Ellen Roberts in nomination.

Jasper Welch, delegate from La Plata County, Colorado 4.17.10

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