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Friday, October 31, 2008

2008 Colorado Voter Registration

2008 Colorado Voter Registration

Colorado is a “swing state”, with voter registration split 3 ways between Republicans, Democrats and Unaffiliated voters.   As of October 22nd over 1.1 million Colorado voters had returned “mail in ballots” or had “cast an early vote” as the local courthouse.     Both La Plata County and the state of Colorado have larger numbers of unaffiliated than some “Dem” or “GOP’” states, with the Democrats and Republicans nearly the same statewide.    But a slight drop in the historical Republican registrations has Democrats competing statewide since 2006.    Colorado is not longer “solid or leaning” to the GOP, but rather the increased Unaffiliated registered voter is trending towards Democrat candidates.


Registered Voters in Colorado (for 2008 Presidential election cycle)

Final numbers for Colorado (as of October 22, out of 3,203,583):

Democrats--1,051,643 (32.8%)

Republicans--1,063,347 (33.2%)

Unaffiliateds--1,069,294 (33.4%)

As of last evening, 1,123,173 voters had returned their mail-in ballots or cast an early vote: Number of Mail-In Ballots Received--880,491
Number of Early Voting Ballots Cast--242,682


As of October 30th the Colorado Secretary of State web site   reported the following:

Colorado mail in ballots received:  993,542

Early votes cast in Colorado:  298,029

According to the Durango Herald    and the La Plata County Clerks office, here is the voter registration:

La Plata County Voter registration by party  (Durango area)

Democrat - 12,225

Republican - 11, 808

Unaffiliated - 12,862           

Libertarian - 165

ACN - 23

Green - 200

UPA - 1

Total Registered - 37,284

According to the Durango Herald Saturday edition, it is estimated that 14,000 out of 37,000 total registered voters in La Plata County will have voted.

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